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Epitome’s vineyards are located in the Prima Zona, the premier wine-growing region of the Uco Valley (Valle de Uco). The vineyard is oriented latitude 33°36’7.43″S and longitude 69°8’9.34″W and has an elevation of 3,300 feet asl. The soil is alluvial. The vines are planted close together (1m) and the rows are planted 2.2m apart. Epitome employs the Vertical Stem Positioning (VSP) system with two production-arms and is green harvested to 8 – 10 clusters per vine. A computerized drip irrigation system has been installed  and is used until late December or early January when the vines are put into stress so they will produce seeds (grapes).

The valley is semi- arid however, global warming has seen increased rainfall over the last couple of years. Increased spraying of copper, sulphur and magnesium has controlled the botrytis. Also the threat of hail has increased over the years. We have had to work harder in the vineyard but when harvest come along it all seems worthwhile.

The vineyard was planted to owner Dennis Grimm’s specifications in 2008 and our first harvest in 2012 was Malbec.

Currently we have 12.5 acres planted:

Malbec:  5.0 acres
Cabernet Franc: 2.5 acres
Merlot:  3.0 acres
Chardonnay:  0.5 acres
Syrah: 1.5 acres

What’s in the cellar

We continue to sell out our vintages even though we have increased production every year.  We are in the process of selling our 2015 Epitome Malbec and our Because Rosé 2016. Sales are brisk and it looks like we will sell all 12,000 bottles. New markets are opening and it generally is an exciting time Epitome Wines. We bottled in February 2017 9,000 bottles of Epitome Malbec 2016 and are monitoring its aging.  So far the wine is exceptional with blueberries, raspberries and mint with a hint of chocolate. The wine is well balanced and the young tannins are already smooth and velvety. Time will tell but right now it is telling us this wine will be great. We will likely release the wine in about a year.

Currently we have released and have available for sale Epitome Malbec 2015 and Because Rosé 2016. Aging in the cellar are 9,000 bottles of Epitome Malbec 2016.

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